Our Certificates

As Güleçler Socks, and by placing importance to our quality, we will continue to sustain our persistently developing Quality Management System with a pride of being the first and only company, holding ISO 9001:2000 in socks sector in 1999 in Turkey. Our product and service quality is approved with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification by SGS Yarsley International Certification Institution. We ensure to determine our customers requests and needs in advance with our performance in follow up verifications realised until today since 1999.

Our main goal in  today’s competitive conditions that is changing with developing technologies, is:

  • To gain  an overall quality with the participation of all of our personnel.
  • To provide customer satisfaction, empower our relations and increase our market share by constant progress and by meeting continously changing and increasing customer requests correctly with a strong and dynamic structure at first time.

Our company organisation is formed of teams that can realise the essential  operations at its best within these processes.

Production Capacity 1.200.000 pair / month
Overall Equipment Efficiency %85

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